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Congratulations!  You are just minutes away from putting yourself on the path to getting the body that you want and deserve.  I'd like to welcome you to my personal fitness site where you and I will begin to work together in forging a new body and outlook on fitness!

Every trainer has a different style…a different specialty.  My focus and specialty is “body re-composition.”  While I will take on clients with any fitness related goal, the area I excel in is changing the body fat to muscle ratio.  Creating a brand new shape out of the same body…remolding…reinventing.

Please take a moment to look at some of my client before and after photos, as well as, read the testimonials.  After doing so, please review the multiple service options listed, and decide which option you feel would best fit your needs and lifestyle.  Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss your options, and I can help you decide what approach would serve you best.

You can rest assured that each and every program will be custom tailored specifically for you, by me, using my vast knowledge and experience. I have created thousands of comprehensive fitness programs both for my in-person and online clientele and I will do the same for you.   

Whether you are a complete beginner and aren't sure where to start, an experienced exerciser that has plateaued, or a life-long fitness buff that just needs an extra “jolt” of motivation…don't push this aside for one more day.  Don't waste another day "thinking" about starting a program.  Days turn into weeks...and weeks into months.  The time for action is right now.

This I promise, whether you choose to train with me in person or online, by following my instructions you will get stellar results!

-Chris Tolp