adjective- (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.  Pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic:

noun-  a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

My fun and exciting Dynamic Human program is a unique total body conditioning program for men and women.  This program is focused on a wide variety of athletic, human, and animal based movements, infused with strength and cardiovascular intervals.

My classes are essentially group personal training sessions that allow me to ensure all of my clients are getting 100% of my attention, executing proper exercise form and working at their maximum level.  

All of my Dynamic Human classes are held in my private, climate controlled training studio, without a concern for adverse weather conditions.  It’s great to train hard, but it doesn’t have to be in a steamy, drafty warehouse or out in the dirt and gravel with the bugs!

Forget what you have experienced in previously attended strength, cardio, or cross-training groups. One class at ISOTOLP and you will realize that this is truly a different program.  It is innovative and ever- changing, offering you everything your body needs, and nothing that it does not.

You will receive the full benefit of my experience in the fitness industry (over 20 years), in designing comprehensive cross-training programs with variety, that will challenge you to progress, but won't push you "over the edge."  

Classes filled with a variety of empowering movements (and lots of humor) keep things fun and exciting, while allowing your body to adjust and produce results rapidly!  

Join one of my fitness groups and you'll receive the attention you want, provided by an experienced professional that truly cares about your results.  

Contact me today to come and find out how you too can be a Dynamic Human!


“Is this Cross-Fit?”-  No, not even close.

“How many people are in a class?”  15 or less.

“I’ve never exercised before, can I do this?”  You sure can!  I have beginner level classes appropriate for anyone.

“I’m a seasoned, life-long fitness buff, will this be enough for me?” 

Absolutely.  Regardless of how hard-core your workouts were, I have an advanced level class that will challenge you.

“Will I be using a lot of equipment?”  Very little, actually.

“Are the classes mostly men or women?”  A blend of both.

“How old are your members?”  I currently have members from age 14-70.

"Is there a long-term contract?"  

No.  I don't believe in locking clients in for long periods of time.  Classes are paid on a month to month basis.  The only requirement is that you provide at least 1 month's written notice to discontinue.


Classes Schedule & Rates:
-All classes are 35-40 minutes in duration.
-All groups are set up as 3 day per week classes,
but additional classes are available at no charge.
-All groups are $135 per calendar month

Level 1-2,  Beginner/ Advanced Beginner

Suitable for virtually anyone, even if they have never exercised before.  Sessions consist of body weight exercise, boxing/kickboxing drills, and medicine ball exercises.

Group 1-  M/W/F, 6:15 am

Group 2-  M/W/F, 6:55 am

Group 3-  M/W/F, 4:40 pm

Group 4-  T/T, 5:45 pm, Sat., 9:45 am

Level 3,  Intermediate

A mid to high level group training class with a noted increase in endurance activity.  Sessions include the same methods as the advanced beginner, but are intensified by adding in complex body weight movements, heavier compound exercise, complex plyometrics and less frequent rest periods. 

Group 5-  M/W/F, 5:45 pm 


Level 4, Advanced

This class is only recommended for the hard-core exerciser/athlete that wants to be pushed to their limits!  Sessions include some of the same methods as the intermediate, but at a greater intensity level, with long chains of compound movements and plyometrics.  This is a very intense class that is heavy on compound movements and will push even the most seasoned individuals.   Regardless of your fitness background, this class will challenge you. 

Group 6-  M/W/F, 5:30 am