I am a 5 ft, 27 year old woman who weighed at my highest 200lbs. The weight gain started when I was 18 years old in college. I ate whatever I wanted, drank a ton of alcohol (Go NC State Wolfpack!), and NEVER exercised. One of my main problems was that I skipped meals. I only ate once or twice a day because my job was extremely hectic. When I had time to eat, they were huge meals usually fast food. I also have an addiction to sweets. Like many women I thought if I starved myself, I would lose weight. BIG MISTAKE! You can possibly gain more weight depending on the circumstances plus you physically and mentally feel like poo. 

My first pregnancy changed my body as you might expect. Over the past few years the only thing I was consistent about was the lies I told myself…“It’s ok to be heavy, black women are supposed to be thicker and big boned”; “It’s ok to be slightly plump, at least I’m not obese”; “It’s ok to be heavier, most of my family and friends are my size.” The breaking point for me was when I finally realized I was about 20 lbs heavier than my husband and I did not feel attractive anymore—Ladies, whether you are married or not you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

A co-worker mentioned a fitness program she completed with Isotolp Fitness. What Chris offered that sparked my interest in his program was the notion that he only wants what YOU want for your body. Chris is not trying to make you look like him (or the ideal version of a super fit person). He took what I envisioned my body to be and guided me and did so in the best and most importantly healthiest way possible. I became pregnant 4 weeks into my 12 week program and had to stop the program. After my second pregnancy I was ready to restart this program. 

Beyond Chris’s awesome fitness training qualifications, he has excellent “encouragement” skills. Chris is not a dictator nor is he absurdly indifferent (because he already has your payment). Chris wants to genuinely motivate his clients. Constant positive encouragement helped me shed 65 lbs so far in under 10 months. From 199lbs to 135lbs. I never could have imagined that I could look the way I do now. I actually have definition in my muscles. 

Chris is an exceptional trainer. He permanently changed how I think about nutrition. The longer I work with Chris the more my goals change because everything gradually becomes more attainable. With Isotolp Fitness, “You Can Do It” is far from a cliché remark. You will feel the conviction behind Chris’s words that will absolutely empower you, build up your confidence, and ultimately help you to always believe that you are worth it.

 Thank you Chris J


-Randea Williams

Who is proud to say “No More Excuses!!”

Anyone who has struggled with a weight problem has probably attempted to lose the weight numerous times using various methods, and I am no exception. Having been overweight for most of my life I have used almost every exercise tape and program out there including going to a Doctor who prescribed diet pills.  While it did work at the time and I did lose weight the results never lasted for long, I would gain the weight back and then some.

Two years ago I met Chris Tolp and we talked about a nutrition/exercise plan to help me lose weight, increase my energy level and most of all keep me healthy. Chris designed an individual plan just for me with the promise that if I stick to his plan, I will achieve these results, my before and after pictures show that Chris is a man of his word.

 A lot of people reading this may think sure it is easy for her, she is young, she doesn't have bad knees, or a bad back, etc. Please do not let these ailments stop you from achieving your fitness goals.  Ten years ago I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an auto immune disorder that attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms can range from fatigue, muscle weakness all the way to paralysis.  Together, Chris and I have worked through any symptoms that arose due to my illness, and we accomplished so much more than I ever thought possible.

Chris, I am grateful to have met you and work with you at achieving what I thought to be an impossible goal.  A simple thank you seems so inadequate for everything you have done. 

You gave me one of the greatest gifts ever… a brand new life!!!

-Jennifer Singer

How Chris Tolp fixed me-
by Mike Franck

Let me tell you the story about how Chris Tolp fixed me. First I have to give you a quick backdrop of what lead to me calling him. 

When I was younger, I was the guy who could eat a 10lb steak and lose 5 lbs doing it. It didn't matter what I ate, I could never gain a pound. Obviously being very active had something to do with it but I most definitely was given the skinny gene. 

As the years passed by, the sports injuries started piling up; broken ankles (7 of them), knee surgery, torn cartilage in my shoulder, broke and/or dislocated pretty much every finger and toe, broken elbows, torn hamstrings, cracked vertebrae, broken ribs (4 times), torn muscles in my back.......are you getting the picture?

Everyone knows that I absolutely loved basketball but all these injuries made me start to hate it. That game destroyed my body. My body became a chiropractor's dream come true or worst nightmare, depends how you look at it. Well all those injuries definitely took a toll on me and I simply couldn't do the same stuff I did when I was younger. 

From that point on I was basically in denial. I had the body of a 70 yr old but the mind of a 20 yr old. I knew I was getting bigger but always believed that a couple of weeks spent working out and I could easily get back to that slim 21 yr old kid. The problem was I would start to lose a few pounds, get into "better" shape (not really saying a whole lot there) but then the body would break down again and I would go back to the old routine which involved my beer frig and lots of tacos. This was a cycle that kept repeating itself for the last 3 or 4 yrs.

 It was finally the day after this past Thanksgiving that I called Chris Tolp up and told him that I couldn't do this on my own anymore and I needed his help. I'm not really sure what the exact reason was for me to finally make that call but me not being able to keep up with the kids was definitely a part of it (of course it could've also been the fact that I was starting to use my stomach as an end table for my beer). 

My work and travel schedule gave Chris more than a few obstacles to overcome but he set me on the path. He gave me a diet that I could follow on the road and a workout that I could do in my hotel room. Before we ever started, Chris told me that my diet would be 80% of it which is probably where my problem was this entire time. He was right.

His goal was to drop some weight off me so that my deteriorating joints didn't have to withstand the pounding so I followed his diet to a T and the lbs started dropping off. The workouts became so easy that Chris had to yell at me a couple of times to ease up a little so I didn't rekindle an old injury. 

As the weeks past my weight kept lowering and the constant pain I was in before was starting to go away. The beginning of December I weighed around 241lbs and could barely move. This morning I weighed in at 202lbs, I've found my abs again and I'm relatively pain free. Chris Tolp fixed me. He won't tell you that though, he'll say that he showed you a few things so that you can fix yourself. 

Thank you very much Chris!
(can I have a taco now?)

On September 10, 2008 a cocaine dealer shot me with a .45 as I entered his home with the SWAT Team.  The bullets caused extensive muscular and nerve damage in my right bicep and tricep, and caused me to have reconstructive surgery on my left hand.  In the months and years afterward, my many attempts to workout were met with a great deal of pain, which ultimately resulted in me quitting, gaining weight, and falling into a pretty deep depression. 

I finally decided that I couldn't bounce back on my own, which was when I contacted you.  After speaking to my doctor, he came to the conclusion that if I could deal with the pain, I could train as hard as I wanted to with no fear of further injury.  With your help, I have made more progress in 12 weeks than I had over the last 2 years.  I have lost a total of 42 pounds and now weigh less than I did when I graduated the police academy 18 years ago, and I am stronger physically and mentally than I have ever been. 

I am telling you this to let you know that you are phenomenal at what you do, and I believe in you wholeheartedly.  At what was probably my lowest point, your program picked me up and got me right back where I needed to be.  I wanted to tell you this because quite honestly, no amount of before and after photos can really show you or anyone else just how far I have come, and I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me. 
Captain Michael Longo
Caldwell County Sheriff's Office
SWAT Team Commander


“I joined the United States Air Force in October.  Before shipping for basic military training, I provided Chris with the standards for the Air Force.  He was able to create a rigorous routine which consisted of circuit training, aerobic training, and strength training.  My primary goal was not strength, but increased stamina and endurance.  I began my training in June and worked all summer toward my goals:  65+ push ups in one minute, 65+ sit-ups in one minute, 10+ pull ups, and a 1.5 mile run under 9:30.

Before starting, he asked me to provide him with meal documentation for a week.  I wrote down every item I ate for seven days.  He created a nutrition plan that maintained my calorie intake while meeting daily values needed for the exercises.  After that, I met with Chris once each week and he would review my program, update my exercises, and work through a training session.

In only three months, I reached my goals.  I went into basic training 10 pounds lighter, stronger, and my 1.5 mile time dropped by almost two minutes.  I was able to earn “Thunderbolt” and “Honor Graduate” as a result of his training.

Chris, thank you again for all your help.  You really know how to pay attention to detail and each person’s needs/goals.  Keep up the good work!” 

-  Phillip Schumaker

“Chris Tolp has been my personal trainer for 8 months, and I couldn’t be happier with him.  I have always been an athlete and one to work out regularly, but I felt that as I got older my body and work out routines hit a peak. I was at a stand still and it was frustrating!  I have always been naturally thin, but I really wanted that toned look.  On my own I was not able to achieve that.  With the help of Chris I am much leaner and toned.  My arms and legs finally have the definition I have been looking for. 

 Because of Chris, I look forward to each and every workout session because he makes it challenging, fun, and different each and every time I go.  He always finds a way to keep me focused and motivated!  This is important to me because I get bored very easily.

 I’m going to be honest; I used to be one of those people who thought personal training was expensive and couldn’t help a person like me. But boy has Chris proved me wrong!  Chris is extremely affordable and the results are truly amazing! I’m so glad Chris helped me reach my fitness goals.  I know I couldn’t have done it without him.

Chris is very knowledgeable with diet and nutrition as well.  I was having a hard time with feeling hungry but he gave me some great tips to control my hunger.  With the help of Chris, I have been able to find foods that are nutritious, but filling too!

Chris is very professional and friendly at the same time.  He is honest and truly cares about your well being.  He is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor.  He makes working out fun and motivates you throughout your entire workout.  And lastly, he’s affordable!  I’m so glad I got a chance to train with Chris!  I have seen amazing results with my body and it is all because of him.  If you are thinking about giving personal training a shot Chris is your guy!  No doubt about it!

Thanks Chris!”

~ Kristen Musgrave


“With the assistance of Chris Tolp, I was able to lose 33% body fat!  I have seen major improvements in muscle size, tone, and definition, in just a one year period.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  A year ago, I never thought this was possible, but Chris was able to make it happen.  Throughout the year I worked with him, I found he has impeccable knowledge of all areas of strength training, and fitness in general. 

It was used to create very effective and varied programs, which produced the incredible results that can be seen today.  He is extremely motivational, and that combined with his excellent in depth knowledge, propelled me to keep moving forward to achieve all of my goals.  He is excellent at what he does and I recommend him to you.  With his help, and your determination, you will achieve all your fitness goals.” 

-Andrew Horowitz


“I began training with Chris 12 weeks ago for a contest I was involved in.  The goal I set out for was a larger build, wider shoulders, and more definition in my biceps, triceps, legs, and abs.  Chris took my body composition reading every three weeks to make sure the program was working for me.  My body fat started at 8.79%, but I wanted to get it down to at least 7.5%.  Before I began this program with Chris, my diet was horrible.  With Chris pushing me in all the right directions, I overcame my obstacles.  My body composition is now 6.49% and my diet has changed dramatically.  Thanks to Chris’s personal training program, I now lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.”

-Kevin Hamm


"From 232 lbs. to 194 lbs. in 12 weeks."

”Working with Chris Tolp has been amazing! Why?  I’m a Police Officer, more precisely a detective and member of my department’s SWAT team, it is imperative that I maintain a high level of physical fitness. Not only for my job performance, but one of my fundamental goals and promises I make to my family is to come home safe to them at the end of each and every shift. Being out of shape puts my life at risk in more ways than one. Like a lot of people trying to stay in shape I joined a gym, as a matter of fact, I joined a few gyms.

 At one point, I was a member of at least three and not using any of them. As a police officer or a detective, my hours are long and it felt like I never had time to go. When I was able to make time for the gym it normally ended in frustration. This was partly from not knowing what to do and not seeing any results. In 2004, I broke my ankle, and convinced myself that I could no longer run for long distances.

I’ve tried diet pills, the Atkins diet, counting calories and each time I lost weight. The problem was that as soon as I stopped, I gained it all back and then some. I was on a never ending roller coaster ride with my weight and because I wasn’t exercising, I felt that I was becoming weaker.

With Chris, it’s different! You will realize after speaking with him for only a few seconds, that he is very motivated, knowledgeable and passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Chris helped me see past the excuses I was making and showed me that I did have time each day to work towards my fitness goals.

 Chris educated me not only on proper technique but also the importance of each exercise and how it related to the goals I was trying to achieve. He was able to tailor the workouts to be very specific to skills I use on the job. I’m running further than I ever have in my life, I’ve lost weight, I’ve become stronger, and I can see results. The bottom line, Chris has changed my life. He has helped me to fulfill the promise I make to my wife and son every time I leave for work. Thanks Chris!"

-Shaun Appler


“Dear Chris,

I just wanted to pass along a note to you and anyone that may be looking to receive guidance from you for working out. In November of 2008 I had gone to see my doctor and was told that I was healthy, but overweight and needed to get into some sort of diet/exercise program. I weighed at the time 265lbs and hadn't worked out in a long time.

Through your guidance on working out and suggestions towards proper diet, I was able to lose nearly 40lbs in 12 weeks! Many people would be happy with those results, but one goal that I had when I started was to play football again. After 19 years off from the game I love, I play in my first Semi-Pro game this Saturday!

 At 37, I am one of the oldest guys on the team, but have earned a starting position as an offensive guard. Your knowledge of conditioning and strength training as well as your guidance on nutrition have helped me get to this point. Thank you! You will be on my mind as I strap on that football helmet again!”

-Ron Whiting

#66 Watertown Revolution


“Dear Chris, 

I am writing this letter of gratitude and appreciation for you to post for all to see.  It is my wish that those reading this who are serious about achieving their fitness goals are persuaded to hire you as their trainer.  In recent years I had become overweight, unhealthy, my clothes no longer fit, I was always tired and generally just did not feel good.

 When I decided to work with you to change those things, we set a 12 week plan to accomplish the following:  get my weight down from 290 lbs. to 245 lbs., change my eating habits from poor to excellent, and get more sleep each night.  With your expertise, general counsel and advice during the 12 weeks (and my determination), I was able to totally change my diet and habits.  Junk food was completely eliminated from my diet.

By the end of week 11, my weight had dropped to 245 lbs.!!!  I had achieved my goal one week ahead of schedule.  It has been 6 months since we began working together.  As of this writing I weigh 234 lbs.  I lost a total of 56 lbs.  The changes I made to my diet, exercise, and sleep are still with me and will continue to be so.  One full year and a half before I actually hired you, you gave me some advice that I paid no attention to.  The advice was “…to get serious about your fitness goals.  Nothing will happen for you until you are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve what you want.”

Nothing much fitness wise happened for me in the gym during that year and a half before I started working with you.  It’s one thing to talk about getting into shape and quite another to actually do it.  I now know how true your original advice was and how honest and professional it proved you to be.  It was a good lesson in discipline for which I am grateful.  It enabled me to achieve what I wanted in a relatively short amount of time.  From one professional to another, thank you very much.” 

-Michael A. Lucia, The MAL Const. Company


"At the age of 61 I found myself in a pretty dismal physical state.  In order to stand after sitting on the couch, I had to push off with my hands.  When I got in a car, I had to lift my second leg with my hands to complete my entry.  I was out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs and I could only shop for a half hour at a time because my legs and hips ached so badly.  My blood pressure was high and I was an overall physical wreck.  I decided that if I wanted to see my grandsons grow up and be a part of their lives, I had better do something.

After trying to do a program myself, I didn’t feel that I was accomplishing a great deal.  I contacted Chris Tolp and signed up to work with him.  He designed a program for me with gradual increases that consisted of working with weights, as well as, cardiovascular exercise.  The progress I have made since I started working with Chris is extremely obvious.  My blood pressure has dropped, my energy level is up and I’m beginning to feel good about myself once again.  I did not appreciate the value of a trainer until I started working with one.

I now realize that exercise is a necessary component to good health and well being, and I intend to continue the program indefinitely thanks to Chris.  He is a true professional and a credit to his profession.”

-Barbara Maxian


“My self-esteem was at its lowest.  I remember calling my husband at work crying because none of my clothes fit me.  I felt destined to be fat.  I was working out, but going nowhere.  My body was not changing.  The very night I was ready to give up on exercise, I contacted Chris Tolp. 

He promised that if I did what he said, and followed his program, I would lose weight (fat).  I agreed to try.  Chris has really changed me.  He has helped me in setting realistic goals, challenging myself, and changing my diet.  But most of all, I feel happy with myself because of the physical changes I have seen.  So far, I have lost 25 pounds and am looking forward to buying a new swim suit!  Thanks Chris!”

-Mary Gardiner  


“I highly recommend the outstanding personal training services of Chris Tolp to anyone who would like to improve his or her level of fitness.  When I began, my numbers (weight & body fat %) were distressing but hardly surprising considering the fact that my eating was out of control.  Chris had me keep track of my nutrition with a journal, which brought home the fact that I was consuming humongous amounts of food all day long.  At times I was tempted to omit incriminating evidence, such as the “spam-wiches”, “Twinkies”, and “Cheetos”, but Chris stressed the importance of being honest as it would enable him to better assist me in making the necessary changes.

  I exercised regularly, but had consistently followed the same routine of step aerobics and weight machines.  Chris stressed the importance of “mixing it up.”  He introduced me to new and exciting ways to further challenge my heart and muscles to help me reach my personal goals.  Chris Tolp’s totally supportive, non-condemnatory training methods motivated me to work even harder.  Furthermore, he always answers my health and fitness questions with honesty, intelligence, and humor.  Thanks a lot, Chris!” 

-Angie Van


“I am a lacrosse athlete.  I’ve been working out for years and I finally realized that my gains were not all that I had hoped for.  I tried various routines and sports supplements, but the only benefit I received was a large gaping space in my wallet.  One of my friends told me what amazing gains he was making with the personal trainer, Chris Tolp.  I decided to give it a try.  A year later, I am 30 pounds bigger (muscle), my bench press has increased by 100 lbs., and I am faster than I ever was!

Working with Chris Tolp is probably one of the smartest decisions I have ever made physically and financially.  It has made me a better athlete and the nutritional adjustments he helped me make, have corrected a cholesterol problem that I had.  Chris set up a workout routine specifically designed for what I wanted that was easy to follow and produced continued results.  I highly recommend working with Chris, it’s definitely worth it!”

-Andrew Carter